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GTC249: Browns Commit a Turnover, at the Top

Summary: If the season ends with a game against the Steelers, that can only mean one thing. The Browns are firing their coach and starting over. True to form, Jimmy Haslam boots the Coach and […]

GTC247: Fighting Irish, Not Final 4

Summary: With a quarter of the season left to play, the Browns finally decide it’s Manziel time. How long that lasts remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the Cavs hit some bumps in the road and […]

GTC246: Kick 6 In The Gut

Summary: The Buckeyes rebound nicely in their win against the TTUN. The Browns find a new way to lose and will have a 24th starting QB on Sunday against the Bengals. The Cavs aren’t exactly […]

GTC245: Johnny’s Team Now

Summary: After another crushing loss to the Steelers, the Browns owner says no front offices changes right now. But there’s a change at QB as the Browns name Johnny Manziel the starter for the rest […]