WFN #46: Blue People

Happy New Year to All! A couple of follow-up items from last week. Listener voicemail. Dictionary.com (building vocabulary). Avatar Review ? Blue people. 3D. We’re not talking about Vegas here… 1080p HDTV/Projectors / BluRay ? […]

WFN #38: Can You Tell Me How To Get

More on Holiday Shopping Sprint offering a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook for $199. But there’s a catch. Apple announces a Reserve and Pick Up Program so you can shop on-line. Google Commerce Search launches for the […]

WFN #32 – A Blockbuster Show

Big changes at your favorite movie rental store, major renovations on their way to the Disney Parks and some news that is out of this world! Thanks for listening. Blockbuster Shutting Down 960 Stores Even […]

WFN #21 – The Grab Bag Episode

Our first ever grab bag episode. Lots of tech stories to cover. And we now have a listener line. Give us a call at (877) 385-4WFN. We may use your call in an upcoming show! The […]