Words from Nerds 179: iCarumba!

Apple unveils the iPad mini. And updates a ton of other products. Mike geeks out over the new Iron Man 3 trailer. And a time-lapse video capturing Space Shuttle Endeavor’s final voyage.   Nerd News: […]

Words from Nerds 169: Curiosity

Mobile App of the Week: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame app for iOS ($1.99 US) Thanks to @tc110 for this recommendation. Nerd News: The NASA Mars Rover “Curiosity” landed on the Red Planet on […]

Words from Nerds 149: Leap for Joy

Nerd News: The beginning of Terminators? Google planning to sell heads-up display glasses in 2012. Looking for wait times at the Magic Kingdom? Now there’s an app for that. A LEGO model of the space […]

Words from Nerds 148: Godspeed, John Glenn

A significant anniversary for space flight. Google gets caught spying on you. And lots of games and gaming devices. Do we need them all? Lots to talk about this week. Nerd News: 50 years ago, […]