WFN258: Mike Makes a PC

Summary: Mike explains a recent project to build a PC from scratch. Why, oh why, would he want to do that? And it’s running Windows! No, this isn’t an April Fools Day episode. 🙂 Hosts: […]

WFN248: Dawn of the Apes

Summary: We’re halfway through Summer so we thought we’d check in at the Hollywood box office and see how some of the blockbusters have been faring. What have been the pleasant surprises so far? What […]

Words from Nerds 208: Create Education Better

Summary: What is the future of the movie industry? Two heavyweights chime in with their thoughts. They think it may implode before long. Of course, we have some strong opinions on this. We’ve also got […]

Words from Nerds 184: Butterball

How about some chocolate engineered not to melt? Or new bulbs that will soon replace fluorescent bulbs and the humming that accompanied them. And while you’re at it, get your 3D prints when you go […]