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ITPS238: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Executive Summary Microsoft demonstrates just how antiquated our laws around technology are. Brazil imprisons a FaceBook VP after the company fails to help the government decrypt messages. And 11 million unpatched websites exposed to https […]

ITPS234: Underwater Data Centers

Executive Summary: Forget cloud data centers. How about an underwater data center? Microsoft is working on that, believe it or not. They’re also pushing Yammer and Planner in Office 365 updates. Cisco releases a ton […]

ITPS233: News Roundup

Executive Summary: Nine day cloud outages seem excessive. Disney IT employees sue their employer. Microsoft and AWS cloud profits continue to rise. Facebook building another innovative data center. And much more in this week’s enterprise […]

ITPS232: Hot Tech Jobs

Executive Summary: In this news roundup, we’ll take a look at some of the tech jobs in the greatest demand, discuss why OpenStack is hot but still failing in most deployments, talk about IBM’s relevance […]