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IT Pro Show 155: 10.28.2013

Executive Summary: The passing of the man behind the original IBM PC. LinkedIn offers a new way to get the word out about yourself, but is it worth it? And why companies that you didn’t […]

IT Pro Show 146: 08.19.2013

Executive Summary: John provides a great recap of the Oracle briefing he attended last week. Big things are in store for Oracle 12c. And LinkedIn adds features aimed at helping your college-age students network with […]

IT Pro Show 91: 06.11.2012

Executive Summary: A bad week for security at LinkedIn. We’ll talk about two incidents that affected this social media provider in a negative way. Plus news about Azure from Microsoft and a promise from Oracle. […]

IT Pro Show 34: 03.21.2011

Tech News: RSA’s SecurID hacked and the explanation is weak. Benefactors of AT&T’s T-Mobile purchase may surprise you. LinkedIn surpasses 100 Million users Internet Explorer 9 downloaded 2M times in 1st 24 hours Microsoft prepping […]