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Words from Nerds 214: More After This

Summary: The date for the iPhone announcement appears to be set. We’ll tell you all about it and what many expect to be announced. But is Cupertino innovating enough for you? Apple’s Board has strong […]

Words from Nerds 199: Look See, it’s Looxcie

Summary: Are password managers safe? Are they all the same? We’ll share some tips. Plus, you’ll want to check out this new vehicle that can’t be knocked over! And the Looxcie is a cool camera […]

Words from Nerds 174: iPhone5, Kindle and Lumia

Lots of news on the latest mobile gadgets from Amazon, Nokia and Apple. Whether you want the latest Kindle, Windows 8 Phone or iPhone, we’ve got plenty to talk about. We’ll share all of the […]

IT Pro Show 99: 08.13.2012

Executive Summary: With the London Olympics now over, what are the lessons learned that you could apply to your IT environment? There are several about security and scale that you may want to consider. And […]