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Words from Nerds #74: Sports on the Go

How do you get your sports information when you’re on the go? Plus, is the Internet running out of cable? And what would the Internet look like if it was a subway map? All this […]

Hello iPad

I thought I would try out a blog post from the comfort of my sofa while playing with my new iPad. There is a pretty nice WordPress app out that lets you manage your posts […]

Words from Nerds #58: iHave iPad

Nerd News element 117 is here. Itanium is like the Titanic: it’s sinking. 35% savings on Win7 10 billion tweets Chem4Word plug-in 300K on day 1 Feature Story: Apple iPad We’ve got an iPad in […]

Words from Nerds #50: iPad

WFN turns 1 Year Old !!! Happy Birthday to us. Apple iPad Is it really revolutionary? Is it magical?? Is it a Kindle Killer? What is it exactly, and do you want one? iTunes 9.0.3 fixes […]