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Words from Nerds 166: Tablet Battles

Word leaks that the 7″ iPad may be coming after all. While Apple focuses on making their tablet smaller, Amazon goes the other way and plans a 10″ version of the Kindle Fire. We’re talking […]

Words from Nerds 159: NAS Solutions

People continue to ‘assemble’ to see The Avengers. We’ll talk about this record-breaking phenomenon. Plus a look at storage options when you’ve outgrown that internal hard drive but still want something that isn’t terribly slow. […]

Words from Nerds 151: The new iPad

The new iPad is out. Are you disappointed or did you already pre-order one? We’ll talk about what’s new and what else Apple announced and why you might care. Plus, a fun alphabet that will […]

Words from Nerds 150: Raspberry Pi

Apple readies the new iPad. Spider-Man goes 4k in Orlando. A computer for $25? And Ford is trying to fix their MyTouch problems. All this and more on our 150th episode!!! Nerd News: Apple iPad […]