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Words from Nerds 238: Home Theater Speakers

Summary: In our continuing series on speaker technology, we’re talking about home theater speakers this week. With solutions that can satisfy any budget, we’ll share some considerations and resources that will help you make this […]

IT Pro Show 168: 03.17.2014

Executive Summary: Is software bloat a problem at your company? How are you managing it? What can you do about it? We’ll discuss as well as talk about some of the inherent challenges facing Enterprise […]

Words from Nerds 223: For the low price of… FREE

Summary: Apple tells us what else they had to cover. It includes new iPads, MacBooks and lots of software. Microsoft has some new updates, too. Which will be on your shopping lists this holiday season? […]

Words from Nerds 214: More After This

Summary: The date for the iPhone announcement appears to be set. We’ll tell you all about it and what many expect to be announced. But is Cupertino innovating enough for you? Apple’s Board has strong […]