Tag: IBM

IT Pro Show #5: 08.16.2010

It’s an Oracle-heavy week in the news. Activities for your spouse at VMWorld. Plus, Dell makes a big acquisition. Tech News Microsoft releases SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL 1.0 Dell agrees to acquire 3PAR […]

IT Pro Show #2: 07.26.2010

You can now stream IT Pro Show on Stitcher Radio! Download the Stitcher app for your smartphone and you’ll be listening in no time. It’s completely free and they support iPhones, Droid, Blackberry and Palm […]

IT Pro Show #1: 07.19.2010

In our premiere episode, we’ve got news from Gartner, VMware, Microsoft and IBM. We’ll put the first book up on our tech bookshelf. And the anniversary of a company’s collapse that everyone remembers. Tech News […]