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ITPS242: Passwords, Printers and Panama Papers

Executive Summary Is Boston an untapped market for IoT professionals? One major US company is betting on it. The Panama Papers leaks 2 TB of data onto the web. A hacker exposes thousands of university […]

ITPS223: What The Helion

Executive Summary HP shuts down its cloud business. Did you even know they had one? Microsoft and Amazon are having much better success with the cloud, as their quarterly earnings clearly show. There could also […]

WFN285: Someday My Printer Will Come

Summary When your printer breaks and you’re staring down the cost of ink and toner refills, when do you make the jump to just replacing the printer itself? If you haven’t bought one in awhile, […]

ITPS220: Amazon’s New Storage Tier

Executive Summary: Amazon gets a new storage tier and lower pricing for Glacier. HP woes continue as they get sued by the State of Michigan for failure to deliver a project. Meanwhile, the “new Office” […]