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ITPS225: News Roundup

Executive Summary Coke is going cloud-first but opting for startups and not the ‘big guys’. DropBox for Enterprise is ready and broadband is a fundamental right in the UK. Our news roundup has you covered […]

WFN284: Look Ma, No Hands!

Summary Maybe we don’t have hoverboards and flying cars like we were supposed to in 2015, but we’re a lot closer to self-driving cars. Great Scott! This is heavy!   Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic […]

WFN283: Dump Your Junk

Summary: Why are you holding on to that old electronics gear? You can probably get cash for it. But don’t just give it away. Wipe your data. We’ll talk through some options for protecting your […]

ITPS207: The One Before Ignite

Executive Summary: Some huge financial numbers from the biggest cloud vendors as they release quarterly results. John and I get ready for Microsoft Ignite and share some tips for prepping in this mobile age.   […]