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Words from Nerds 127: Colon, Hyphen, Right Parenthesis

Nerd News: Are you running the Windows 8 Developer Preview yet? Heck, even the BSOD gets a ‘facelift’ in v8. And no Intel apps on the ARM-based tablets. 2 in 5 Facebook users ditch brand […]

Words from Nerds 124: Han Still Shoots First

Steve Jobs steps down at Apple. Steve Jobs tweaks Star Wars yet again. And some hurricane tech to help you ride out a storm. All this and more on this week’s podcast. Sponsor: Carbonite.com 15 […]

Words from Nerds 115: Wait For It

Nerd News: Apple apparently holding off hardware refreshes until Lion ships And you can use the WiFi in their stores to download Lion, too! Leaked photos of FaceBook’s new photo sharing app Google trademarks PhotoVine; […]

IT Pro Show 38: 04.18.2011

Tech News: Followup on Facebook and other data centers. Cisco back to basics; kills Flip line. Apple to sell 45 million iPads this year;like the Macs sold over the past 5 fiscal years. Adobe switches […]