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Words from Nerds 146: Here Weego!

What did you think about all of those SuperBowl commercials? We’ll review some of our favorites and tell you how this shattered social media records along the way. Sponsor: MozyPro Online Backup: Simple, Automatic & […]

Words from Nerds 143: Up and At Them

Bad news for you and Zappos. And Mini Cooper owners. The sky is falling! But its just a Russian space probe. All this and much more on this week’s show! Sponsor: MozyPro Online Backup: Simple, […]

Words from Nerds 136: Black Wednesday?

Nerd News: Apple is world’s biggest PC manufacturer. Maybe. If Smartphone OS Makers made pumpkin pies. RIM has decided to take a loss on Playbook to get more out there. If you live in the […]

Words from Nerds 128: Come On Baby Light My Kindle Fire

Lots of tech news this week. Tablets, video streaming, smartphones and more. Nerd News: Amazon reveals Kindle Fire tablet and Kindle touch. Based on its specs, it targets the B&N Nook eReader, not the iPad. […]