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IT Pro Show 134: 05.13.2013

Executive Summary: Microsoft relents and brings changes to Windows 8.1. Perhaps sales aren’t as strong as they suggest. Facebook gets into the switching business? And what does the proposed European Data Privacy Law mean for […]

Words from Nerds 197: God Doesn’t Want You on the Internet

Summary: More reasons to be careful online. We’ll tell you how people can figure out a lot about you just by knowing what things you like on FaceBook. And Apple got sloppy with the iTunes […]

IT Pro Show 124: 02.25.2013

Executive Summary: John tells us all about the Innovation Value Institute. Yahoo changes course on work from home arrangements for employees. And HP shifts focus to tablets again. Hosts: John Kresic, Tom Kresic, Mike Kresic […]

Words from Nerds 192: Pi Million Dollars

Summary: Maybe the World ended on Monday, because Facebook was down for three hours. Oh no! Microsoft Surface Pros are ready to ship and some kids in the UK are really happy thanks to Google. […]