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ITPS233: News Roundup

Executive Summary: Nine day cloud outages seem excessive. Disney IT employees sue their employer. Microsoft and AWS cloud profits continue to rise. Facebook building another innovative data center. And much more in this week’s enterprise […]

ITPS191: Whither Paperless

Executive Summary: Whatever became of the promise of a paperless office? Gene Rodenberry saw this happening back in the 60’s. We’ll discuss what’s been holding companies back and what may be helping turn this around. […]

ITPS184: How Do You Collaborate?

Executive Summary: We’re back after a short hiatus. We’ve got the latest in enterprise tech news, including a European city that is embracing open source for collaboration. And we’ll expand on that theme as we […]

Words from Nerds 245: Why Fly New WiFi?

Summary:   How is your WiFi? Does it meet your needs? This week we’ll talk about how you can assess the performance you’re getting from your current setup. When does it make sense to upgrade? […]