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IT Pro Show 173: 05.05.2014

Executive Summary: Changes are inevitable. If you are proactively managing your technology portfolio, then you realize the work that is involved to maintain software currency. But are you aware of all of the dependencies and […]

IT Pro Show 148: 09.09.2013

Executive Summary: Bad news for a couple of former heavyweights in the enterprise server business. Some advice for Microsoft. And what Apple didn’t say about the new iPhones is actually good news for employees and […]

IT Pro Show 141: 07.15.2013

Executive Summary: Steve Ballmer laid out his vision for ‘One Microsoft’. How big of a deal is this to the software and devices company from Redmond? We’ll debate. Plus, scary stories being thrown around at […]

IT Pro Show 138: 06.17.2013

Executive Summary: IBM and Microsoft make major improvements to their databases, perhaps as a way to combat open source Hadoop competition? A discussion on agile development and a survey showing the companies that engineers want […]