Tag: Cleveland Cavaliers

GTC252: Cavs Push The Panic Button

Summary: The Cavs made shockwaves when they fired Head Coach David Blatt halfway through a season in which his team was leading the Eastern Conference with a 30-11 record. Assistant Coach Tyronn Lue takes over […]

GTC251: Horton Hears a Hue

Summary: Fortunately the NBA playoffs don’t start in January because the Cavs failed miserably in their test against Golden State. If the good guys were trying to send a message, it got returned to sender. […]

GTC250: Knock Knock. Hue’s There.

Summary: The Browns get their man and his name is Hue. Will Coach Jackson be able to turn this ship around and align with the newly redesigned front office? Speaking of front office, the Browns […]

GTC249: Browns Commit a Turnover, at the Top

Summary: If the season ends with a game against the Steelers, that can only mean one thing. The Browns are firing their coach and starting over. True to form, Jimmy Haslam boots the Coach and […]