Tag: Cleveland Cavaliers

256: More Drama in Cavs Town

Summary The Cavaliers are trying to keep it together as the playoffs approach, but they just can’t do anything the easy way. Kyrie is the center of the latest controversy and losing some games has […]

GTC255: Cavs Get Frye

Summary The Cavs pulled off a 3 team trade before the deadline, sending away a fan favorite in exchange for a sharpshooting big man. On the court, the team looks good post-All Star Break in […]

GTC254: Will The Cavs Stand Pat?

Summary The shortest month is also the slowest month for sports fans. The NBA is on their ‘spring break’ but will David Griffin make any moves before Thursday’s trade deadline or will he let the […]

GTC253: SuperBowl 50

Summary: It’ll be a long wait before we see football again now that SuperBowl 50 has come and gone. We’ll recap the big game and check in on the Cavs who hit the All Star […]