Tag: Cleveland Browns

256: More Drama in Cavs Town

Summary The Cavaliers are trying to keep it together as the playoffs approach, but they just can’t do anything the easy way. Kyrie is the center of the latest controversy and losing some games has […]

GTC255: Cavs Get Frye

Summary The Cavs pulled off a 3 team trade before the deadline, sending away a fan favorite in exchange for a sharpshooting big man. On the court, the team looks good post-All Star Break in […]

GTC252: Cavs Push The Panic Button

Summary: The Cavs made shockwaves when they fired Head Coach David Blatt halfway through a season in which his team was leading the Eastern Conference with a 30-11 record. Assistant Coach Tyronn Lue takes over […]

GTC251: Horton Hears a Hue

Summary: Fortunately the NBA playoffs don’t start in January because the Cavs failed miserably in their test against Golden State. If the good guys were trying to send a message, it got returned to sender. […]