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ITPS215: Cars, Water and Cortana

Executive Summary: With some news of serious automobile hacking in recent weeks, what steps are you taking to secure your company’s fleet of commercial vehicles? Did you ever even imagine that would be an IT Pro […]

IT Pro Show 150: 09.23.2013

Executive Summary: Apple beat analyst estimates in the first week of sales for the new iPhones. In a big way. What do all the 200 Million iOS7 downloads mean for your IT shop? Do the […]

IT Pro Show 125: 03.04.2013

Executive Summary: Yahoo’s work-from-home policy gets its first copy cat. EMC releases an all-SSD array. Amazon tries to own the cloud competition. And BYOD strategies vary by sector and country. At least in two cases […]

IT Pro Show 122: 02.11.2013

Executive Summary: What does the privatization of Dell mean for the company, for customers and for the computing industry in general?  And what is the significance of Microsoft’s loan to them? We’ll explain our thoughts […]