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GTC258: Busted

Summary Some surprises in March Madness as Michigan State and Kentucky get sent packing. The Cavaliers need some home cooking and a lot of sleep after their busy week that sent them cross country. And […]

GTC257: Browns Turning It Over

Summary It’s time to go dancing. The field of 68 has been set and fans are filling out their brackets. The Cavs appear to be getting in sync as the playoffs approach. And the Browns […]

256: More Drama in Cavs Town

Summary The Cavaliers are trying to keep it together as the playoffs approach, but they just can’t do anything the easy way. Kyrie is the center of the latest controversy and losing some games has […]

GTC255: Cavs Get Frye

Summary The Cavs pulled off a 3 team trade before the deadline, sending away a fan favorite in exchange for a sharpshooting big man. On the court, the team looks good post-All Star Break in […]