Some surprises in March Madness as Michigan State and Kentucky get sent packing. The Cavaliers need some home cooking and a lot of sleep after their busy week that sent them cross country. And the Browns have been busy checking out a lot of QBs, with a new surprise visit to Berea. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 41:00


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1Q: Sweet 16

  • Upsets, as usual. But #2 Michigan State losing their 1st game to #15 Mid Tennessee St was the biggest surprise. Many had them in the Final 4, Title game or even winning it all.
  • #11 Gonzaga will face #10 Syracuse in the Sweet 16. But are they really Cinderellas? Both programs normally shine this time of year.
  • Wisconsin’s buzzer beater 3 to beat Xavier was good for the Big Ten but bad for an Ohio school.
  • Total meltdown by Northern Iowa against Texas A&M. 12 point blown lead with 44 seconds was the biggest in Division 1 history. Ouch.


2Q: Cavs had a long week

  • 5 games in one week, which started in LA and ended in Miami, taking its toll on the Cavs
  • Crushed the Clippers in LA on Sunday
  • Lost to Utah on Monday
  • Struggled, without Lebron, to beat Dallas at home on Wednesday
  • Struggled against Orlando, but won on Friday.
  • Blown out in Miami on Saturday


3Q: Can These Cavs Beat the NBA Elite

  • San Antonio shut Steph Curry down on Saturday with stifling defense. Can the Cavs match that performance?
  • Team hasn’t hit their stride yet and time is starting to run out.
  • Coach Lu says getting everyone healthy is more important than seeding in the playoffs. Lebron agrees. But there’s more problems with this team than just health, right?
  • Can the team save the dramatics for great wins on the court instead of making news off of it?


4Q: Browns QBs

  • Team went to Jared Goff’s Pro Day on Friday
  • Team brought Robert Griffin III in for a visit over the weekend.
  • Does the team’s interest in Kaepernick and RG3 show more of a desire to replace Josh McCown or an indication they would shy away from a QB at #2 in the Draft?


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