The shortest month is also the slowest month for sports fans. The NBA is on their ‘spring break’ but will David Griffin make any moves before Thursday’s trade deadline or will he let the current team gel with their new coach? It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 28:50




1H: Media Loves Making Up Cavs Rumors

  • Let’s see, how many teams have been linked to Kevin Love trades so far? Boston, the Clippers, the Lakers?
  • Reports also have Iman Shumpert’s and Timofey Mozgov’s names being floated out there too.
  • Can we just let this team gel and see how far they can go when healthy please ???


2H: Slow Month

  • The NBA had their AllStar break. The game was a farce, with the West outscoring the East 196-173? The Dunk contest was pretty good for a change. Zach Levine and Aaron Gordon were awesome.
  • Tribe pitchers and catcher report to Goodyear on Thursday. The whole team will be there on Monday. Exciting to see what Francisco Lindor can do in his 2nd year. Will the infield defense continue to play well? How far will the starting pitching carry us? Who picks up the slack while Michael Brantley recovers from surgery?
  • The NFL scouting combine is still to come later this month and then free agency will begin. But there aren’t any rumors out there yet as to what the Browns might do.


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