SPECTRE opens this week and we’ve got a look at some James Bond tech. We also look ahead to some of the movies coming to the box office this Holiday season. Plus, a new Star Trek series is in the works, Windows 10 is spying on you and much, much more.


Hosts:  Tom KresicJohn KresicMike Kresic

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Nerd News Flash


Featured Story: James Bond Tech

This weekend will hopefully not be filled with mouth loads of Ex-Spectre-rant. The new 007 movie Spectre is opening in the US this week and although I’ve seen the trailers, I’ve really tried to avoid most of the news and possible spoilers for the film. We are not giving you spoilers here, but just our thoughts on what we HOPE will take place with this movie and some other upcoming films this fall season.


As we are Nerds and fans of most things technology, there was some interesting news about what Bond chose NOT to carry with him.

  • No droids for 007
  • For the first TIME for Bond fans, Omega makes us all spies
  • Aston Martin, however, is playing a different game with Bond’s wheels

Other movies:


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