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Amazon’s fourth annual AWS conference drew a huge crowd and a lot of announcements. They take dead aim at on-prem environments with products and services designed to entice you to move your workloads to AWS.  Dell responds with an enormous acquisition of EMC.


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IT Pro News


IT Pro Main Topic: AWS reInvent 2015

  • 4th annual conference, yet already grown to 19,000+ attendees
  • 278 break-out sessions
  • >1M active customers (used in last 30 days)
  • EC2 grown >90% YOY
  • S3 120% data transfer
  • DB services 127% YoY . DB service is now a 1B business annually
  • AWS is a 7.3B run rate company with 81% YoY growth
  • Cisco and VMware each 4% growth YoY by comparison


  • Several product announcements during the week.
  • Many aimed at helping transfer data from your site to theirs
  • Migrating large volumes of data (shipping data on disks is a real pain logistically)
  • So they announced: Amazon Snowball
    • Highly secure shippable appliance (initially 50TB)
    • Tamper-proof Secure enclosure, encrypted end to end
    • Kindle attached to it to produce the eInk label automatically and track the progress of its return to AWS
    • 47 pounds


    • Enterprise customer requirements were fast, simple, petabyte scale (download in as fast as 15 hours), inexpensive
    • Strong custody of data end-to-end
    • Operate in places where there is no bandwidth
    • Convert from legacy storage to object storage format automatically
    • Can withstand 6G impacts
    • Can run in parallel (10 snowballs = 100G network connection throughput)


  • Amazon QuickSight launched (preview available now)
    • BI tool – first analysis in 60 seconds
    • Super fast queries with in-memory query engine
    • 1/10th the cost of the “old guard” BI tools
    • Discovers data inside Redshift, RDS, DynamoDB, Hadoop, Elastic MapReduce, S3
    • Inspect data types inside data and look for relationships
    • Select the best visualization (Called Autograph) for you automatically
    • SPICE – super-fast parallel in-memory computation engine
    • 2-4x compression on columnar data
    • Compiled queries with machine code generation
    • Partners can plug into this (DOMO, Qlik, Tableau, Tibco)
    • Share and collaborate around live analyses (embed on web pages, or inside your applications)
    • Build live dashboards, native mobile apps (Autograph)


  • Customers want to automatically store the data from their IoT sensors into AWS. But with Kinesis, you had to write applications to do this
  • So they announced: Amazon Kinesis Firehose (available now)
  • With a single “put” you can load your data into RedShift (and other data stores soon)  


  • AWS Migration Service (preview available)
    • Replicate data continuously
    • Migrate DBs of any size
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Can move like for like (Oracle to Oracle, SQL Server to SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL)


  • Announced AWS Schema Conversion Tool (available now) – free
    • Migrate between DB engines reliably and easily – transform tables, partitions, sequences, etc)
    • Copy the data stored in the DB (views, stored procedures, triggers, functions, etc)
    • They think they can handle 80% of the changes automatically. They will flag what they can’t do and give you manual tips


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  • All of the keynotes and breakout session videos are already posted on their official Amazon Web Services YouTube Channel. Subscribe to it and check out all of the content as though you were there.


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