Josh McCown couldn’t complete the comeback and the defense was a big letdown against the Oakland Raiders. In Columbus, things looked back to normal as Cardale and the Buckeyes had an easier road to victory. Meanwhile, the Tribe fell short in their race to the wildcard and the Cavs open up training camp without TT. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 56:59




1Q: McCown was not the only problem for the Browns

  • Raiders 27, Browns 20
  • McCown was rusty in the first half. He mounted a comeback that fell short when Charles Woodson picked him off in the final minute.
  • Plenty of problems to go around in this one.
  • McCown consistently under threw wide open receivers.
  • Offensive Line continues to underwhelm.
  • Special Teams was not special this week – roughing punter & Benjamin’s fumbled return
  • Hey defense, you are NOT elite. So shut up and play.
  • Haden has been toast all year.
  • Defense is terrible at stopping the run. Raiders had several long gains on the ground.


2Q: Now things really get hard for the Browns

  • So much for the first three “easy” games. Off to San Diego to face a good Chargers team.
  • It would be shocking if Pettine makes a change at QB this week. The fans have seen enough of McCown.


3Q: Cardale played much better

  • OSU 38, WMU 12
  • More of the vertical passing game was working in this win.
  • Coach Fleck of WMU looked really dumb in his locker room speeches.
  • Timing is still not there on the deep game. Jones has been short, surprisingly, on some deep throws. Seems hesitant. Hasn’t found his Devin Smith on this year’s team yet.


4Q: Indians Done / Cavs Starting

  • Indians
    • The latest wildcard standings
    • they may be mathematically eliminated by the conclusion of Wednesday’s doubleheader
    • Commendable that they kept fighting, but let’s not pretend they were cheated out of a playoff berth. This was a 0.500 team that could barely string winning streaks together all year. The 2nd wildcard spot is just a massive tease in MLB to keep fans from tuning out completely when football rolls around.
    • No offense, with 3 guys hitting > .300 BA (Kipnis, Brantley and Lindor) and then a pretty steep dropoff
    • Kluber a great pitcher, but he lost all his games since returning from injury. Maybe he rushed back to try to help his teammates?
  • Cavs
    • media day, training camp starting
    • Still no Tristan Thompson
    • Iman Shumpert’s injury will sideline him for up to three months
    • Lebron looking forward to getting fewer minutes. He says Kevin Love will be able to do more things this year to help make that a reality.
    • Hopefully a deeper bench this year with additions of Mo Williams, Richard Jefferson, Sasha Kaun and the return of JR Smith, Delly and Shumpert


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