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The Browns shocked the NFL world by firing their hand-picked head coach after only one year on the job. Here we go again, Browns fans. And the Cavs are making big news with Andrew Bynum. Will he be traded or cut before his contract becomes guaranteed next week? We’ve got both of these big stories covered as 2014 rolls in with a bang! It’s GameTime!

Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 42:29



1Q: Browns Shock the NFL by firing Chud

  • A 4-12 record does not exactly scream “keep me”. But he was the hand-picked choice of the new regime and is being held entirely accountable for the failures of the 2013 campaign.

  • Mike weighed in with thoughts of the move in a blog post.

  • 7 straight losses to end a season is a first for the franchise.

  • Banner didn’t exactly get a lot of weapons for Chud. Who was the impact player that they signed?

  • The 5 Pro Bowlers were guys that were here before Banner/Haslam. (Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron and Joe Haden)

  • Bryant ended season on IR (pre-existing heart condition), Groves was hurt most of the year, Owens was hurt and then cut. Bess was a failure and then left the team at the end. Kruger was not impactful.

  • Mingo was the best of the bunch on defense and that is not saying a lot.

  • Dion Lewis got hurt in training camp. Hoyer lasted two games.


2Q: Now what do the Browns do?

  • Rumors suggest Pats OC Josh McDaniels and Denver OC Andrew Gase were at the top of the list. Gase has since removed his name from contention.

  • Forget the usual suspects. Jon Gruden has already said he is not a candidate for any NFL opening.

  • They are also pursuing the usual crop of up-and-coming Coordinators, interviewed SEA DC Dan Quinn on Thurs and ARIZ DC Todd Bowles (Fri) and NE OC Josh McDaniels on Sat.

  • Rumored to be interested in Auburn’s Gus Malzahn and Vandy HC James Franklin.

  • Haslam got left at the altar last year. Will it happen again?

  • Do they even have a plan??? Houston already hired Penn St Bill O’Brien and Tampa hired Lovie Smith.



3Q: Cavs and Bynum coming to a rapid end

  • Reports suggest the Lakers may be interested in trading Gasol for Bynum to then cut him and alleviate some cap space problems.

  • This should not have been a surprise when you think about it. His contract was structured in a way to give the Cavs a way out if it wasn’t working. His contract becomes guaranteed on January 7th.

  • Other teams might want him, if we cut him. But others may want to take on his deal, so that they can get the cap relief by cutting him. It’s a strange way that the NBA works. But the Lakers are one of those teams that needs some relief to pursue free agents in the Summer.


4Q: Year in Review

  • Browns change regimes, little to show for it on the field. (Bess, Kruger, Bryant, Mingo, McFadden, et al)

  • New Browns owner gets investigated by the FBI

  • Trent Richardson traded two games into the season.

  • Chud one-and-done

  • Indians make a splash with some signings, get to a play-in game

  • Terry Francona wins AL Manager of the Year.

  • Cavs bring back their old coach, shock everyone with #1 pick. Take a risk on Andrew Bynum that disintegrates before New Years. Product on field is still bad.

  • Ohio State football (loss in Big10 title game) and hoops (loss in Elite 8 round) among the country’s best. Just not THE best.



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