In less than one year, Chud is out. And so, once again, the Browns post-Week 17 efforts focus on finding a new coach instead of preparing for a playoff game. It’s become an all-too-familiar tradition for Browns fans.

I imagine somewhere in some fancy offices in Berea, a discussion is taking place that goes something like this:

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Browns FOHaslam: No more “up-and-coming” Coordinators. I want a guy that’s been a Head Coach and won!

Banner: Nick Saban still won’t return our calls.

Haslam: Keep trying. Who else ya got?

Lombardi: I think Josh McDaniels would be a great choice.

Haslam: He drafted Timmy, didn’t he? Man I love me some Tebow.

Banner: No Tebow. Let’s get back to the coaches. Please turn your attention to my PowerPoint with detailed analytics of the franchises that have been successful in today’s NFL.

Haslam: Joe, we really need to talk about you and these damned PowerPoints.

Banner: Page 2, Seattle has done a nice job developing Russell Wilson. We should consider their Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell.

Haslam: He’s never coached. Put him on the Maybes.

Banner: Denver’s offense set records. But that was all Manning. Same with New Orleans and Brees.

Lombardi: Carolina was good, but we already raided their last OC.

Banner: Green Bay was nothing special without Rodgers. And the Niners offense regressed this year.

Haslam: What about ex-coaches? Lovie Smith?  Ken Whisenhunt? Put them on the list.

Banner: In college, there’s Bill O’Brien. We looked at him last year.

Haslam: How about what’s-his-name from Baylor? Or Malzahn from Auburn. I love me some SEC.

Banner: They’ll probably want to go to Washington or Detroit because they already have QBs.

Haslam: <sigh> Has Saban called back yet?






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