Hey AppleTV owners. Here is a quick post to make you aware of a couple of recent enhancements to your AppleTV. I just discovered them last night and wanted to share the love.

First up, make sure you are running the latest ATV software. You do this by selecting the ‘Settings’ option all the way to the right. Then choose ‘General’ and finally ‘Update Software’. It took awhile for this update to install for me, but it will be worth the wait.

Now, you can rearrange the icons on the home screen however you like (with the exception of the top row). To do this, simply select an icon you want to move and hold down the ‘Select’ button (inside the circle on the remote) and the icons will start to jiggle just as they do on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Use the arrow keys to move the icon where you want it. When finished, simply press the ‘Select’ button again. Voila! Repeat the process until you get everything just where you want it.

The second ‘enhancement’ isn’t really an enhancement. But if you are into music and concerts, check out the ‘iTunes Festival’ icon on the home screen. You’ll get access to the month-long festival that Apple sponsored in London in the month of September. All of the concerts are there for you to watch from your favorite couch without any commercials! Very, very cool. I checked out the Matchbox Twenty concert (almost two HOURS long) and spotted a bunch of other concerts that I will be watching soon, too.

Enjoy these recent features on your AppleTV. If you have any hidden tricks, feel free to share. 🙂


Posted by Same3Guys