I was recently in San Francisco with some time on my hands and decided to take a drive one hour north of the city to Petaluma to check out what Leo Laporte has going on with the new TWiT Brick House studios. It was a lot of fun to sit in on the recording of The Tech Guy radio show with Leo and to get a tour of the studio. I also ran into Matt from PixelCorps while he was working on the Sword & Laser set. Many people are not aware that this is back in the TWiT Studios but Matt was nice enough to show me around both the green screen portion of the set as well as the dungeon set complete with an actual dragon!

All of the guys that I met – JammerB, OMG Chad and all of the chatroom mods – were really cool guys and were happy to answer all of the setup and gear-related questions that I had. Here are a few photos from my trip. Enjoy.


Posted by Same3Guys