Mike recaps last week’s Town Hall with the Mark Shapiro, we talk about the Tribe on the field last week. And we look ahead to this week’s NBA Draft. What will the Cavs do? Who will be in the wine and gold next season? It’s GameTime!
Qtr1: Town Hall recap
  • Read Mike’s blog recap of the Town Hall here.
  • Attended on Friday with ~100 fans active in social media.
  • Mark was very candid on a number of topics including: attendance, the season so far, and the chances at making the playoffs this year

Qtr2: More on the Town Hall
  • Is Manny Ramirez an option? Why is the Hafner contract hurting us? Will we see Roberto Heredia (Fausto) any time soon?

Qtr3: Recap of the Tribe’s performance last week
  • OMG, how about hitting lefties for a change? They couldn’t beat a pair that the Astros threw at them over the weekend.
  • Mike has had enough of the Damon/Duncan experiment in Left Field. Forget Vlad Guerrero or Manny. Get Laporta up here and let him hit.
  • No Kevin Youkilis (3B) for us, as the Red Sox traded him to Chicago (White Sox).
  • What’s our next move?
Qtr4: NBA Draft
  • The draft is this Thursday, June 28th.
  • We have picks #4, 24, 33 and 34 unless we make some trades.
  • The latest rumors…
  • The latest mocks are all over the place. No one has a real good idea of what happens after Anthony Davis gets picked.
  • What do we want to see? What do YOU want to see? Tell us on twitter, Facebook or here at the blog.
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