Executive Summary:
We’re recapping the EMC World conference. The theme of the show was “Transform Yourself and your company” but you couldn’t go far without hearing about “IT-as-a-Service”,  “cloud” and “big data”. Mike shares some of the innovative ways that mobile devices and technology were used during the week. We’ve got this plus lots of other news from Cisco, RIM, Facebook and more.
IT Pro News:
  • Recap of EMC World
    • Transform IT+Business+Yourself
    • 42 product announcements
    • 15,000 attendees (between customers, partners, vendors) – 2x last year?
    • Impressive attendance that demonstrates EMC’s dominance in this market right now.
    • 500+ sessions: so many that four of us never sat in the same one together.
  • So what exactly happened with that Facebook IPO? It’s turned into a whodunit.
  • Cisco admits mistakes in its video collaboration strategy. Says it’s all about software going forward.
  • Another casualty of poor execution and poor planning, RIM may cut 2,000 jobs in the next few weeks.
  • XP costs 5X more to manage, more after April 2014.
  • Trouble with some parts made in China
  • Gartner down on cloud security
  • Oracle PaaS is coming soon
  • Mac Pro fans want Apple to tell them when, or if, they will see a new model. They’ve taken to Facebook to get a petition circulating.

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