Recorded at Storage Networking World in Dallas, Texas…

This week Tom and Mike were in Dallas (on unrelated business trips), but met up to record this week’s edition of the podcast. Our focus is on enterprise storage trends and strategies. Mike attended SNW and shares what he heard from presenters and attendees about the problems facing IT shops related to storage management today and what some of the hot new trends in storage are.

Please forgive the audio quality as we could not bring the whole studio on the road with us… 🙂

Tech Bookshelf:
  • This week’s tech bookshelf is a link to all of the presentations at the show. Whether you were able to make it down to Dallas or not, the great folks at SNIA make the presentations available for free via a link on their site.

Tech History:

  • October 16, 1923 – The Walt Disney Company is founded by Walt Disney and his brother, Roy Disney.
    • Eric Haseltine, former head of Disney Imagineering, gave the keynote on Tuesday morning. He talked about how Disney had been trying to figure out how to make waiting in lines less painful.

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