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BSG Finale

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 announced

  • copy/paste, MMS
  • push notification scaled out
  • search across the iPhone

Main Topic

So you wanna setup a website?

How do you get started? What are your options?

Free alternatives:

  • your ISP may already provide you with a free page
  • blog sites (Blogger,
  • Windows Live & Office Live


  • buy a domain name (GoDaddy, for example)
  • buy a hosting package (space, bandwidth, features like email and databases)
  • build a site using a design tool (high end DreamWeaver, for example)
  • use a CMS (TypePad, Expression Engine, WordPress)

Nerd Site of the Week

  • We Follow – a Twitter directory that tracks people with the biggest following

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Poll of the Week

  • Are you on the web?

Movie Quote of the week

  • “Come over here and fight like a man!” – Big Trouble in Little China


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  1. The problem with the embedded MP3 player in the posts should be fixed now. You can download the podcasts directly from this site. Or, for iPod users, click the Subscribe in iTunes link for the easiest experience. That way you will be sure to get new episodes as they are released.


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