Tom joins us for this week’s show and will be a regular going forward. This week we are talking about Apple’s latest  hardware refreshes with the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro models. 

  • With cheaper alternatives out there, who are these computers ideally for? 
  • Why would you get an iMac vs. a Mac Mini?
  • One approach to tech refresh at school.
  • Bigger than a cell phone, smaller than a laptop, we call for a new form factor.

Nerd Word of the Week

The Hadron Collider

Wireless TVs?

  • SamSung has a new offering, sans wires to the display.
  • How companies are trying to innovate in the way they deliver media to you.

Poll of the Week

What kind of PC/Mac are you buying these days?

Movie Quote

“Which is PERFECT  for me!”

“If we were in Germany, you’d have to make my bunk.”

Pvt. Dewey Oxberger, Stripes, 1981,

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